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Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding accessing resources from the LRC.

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LRC Orientation - Information and Instructions

Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Welcome back to campus! The LRC is your SCU learning partner both in-person and virtually – so how can the LRC help you?

Welcome Students and Faculty of the Master's Program of Human Genetics and Genomics! Click here to access your LRC page with resources specific to your curriculum!

Come check out the LRC's Quick Study Chart Collection to master your subject material! These resources are only available on-site, so head to campus and get ready to pass your tests!

Bate's and Moore's Textbooks are available as eBooks! Click on the banner to access available eBooks for student use!

Please contact the LRC at if you have any questions or requests regarding resource access. We are available to answer questions about accessing e-books and journal articles, provide an overview of available program materials, demonstrate database search strategies, and answer any other questions that you might have regarding information resources and services available via the SCUHS Learning Resource Center.


The Learning Resource Center encourages students to download Grammarly to assist with writing, editing, and formatting.

LRC Resources - Introduction

DISCOVERY Search Demonstration