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Academic Support

Tutoring Information

Open Library Tutoring

Tutors are available in the LRC to help you review before a test, answer questions, and share tips and strategies about professors, classes, and exams. You can bring your friends too!  Please see the posted schedule above and sign in/out on the iPad on the LRC counter before and after your session. 

Open Lab Tutoring

Tutors are available in CP Lab, Anatomy Lab, Xray Lab, and IPA Lab to help you better understand the practical material to prepare for exams or get a little extra hands-on experience to understand the concepts.  

Group/Subject Tutoring

Open Review Sessions: Some tutors offer a specific course or term review sessions (General Anatomy, Biochemistry, ICE/ACE review, etc.) throughout the term.  Rooms are subject to change, please see tutor or class email for updates.

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring is reserved for students who are severely struggling and need additional individual support. If you feel that you need an individual tutor, please contact the Academic Support Office.