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Study Tools

  • Draw It to Know It- is the ideal resource for the flipped classroom: learn from the best tutorials and rapid-fire quiz questions for any basic science or pre-clinical medicine education!
    • Please use the following steps to activate your account.

    • Please go to
    • Register for access
    • Please use your domain name to register
    • Please search for the institution name
    • Once registered, you will need to acknowledge the confirmation email from your account; please check your spam/junk email folder for confirmation email
  • Google calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts (study group)
  • Cold Turkey – Distraction Blocker
  • Habitica – Habit Tracker
  • Wunderlist – Task Manager
  • Tomighty – Pomodoro Timer
  • Dropbox – File Syncing
  • Trello – Project Management
  • Beeminder – Goal Accountability
  • FM – Music for Focusing
  • Anki – Spaced Repetition App
  • Audible – Digital Audiobooks
  • Khan Academy – offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard and covers science subjects.
  • Evernote – Note Manager
  • Notability – Note Taking and Annotation App
  • Byword – Writing App
  • Quizlet – Learning tool with electronic flashcards, games
  • Picmonic – Interactive audiovisual mnemonics