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Career and Professional Development

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A cover letter is a letter to your potential employer introducing yourself.
This letter is an opportunity to:

  •  background
    • education 
    • experience 
    • explain any gaps in employment
  • intentions 
    • why you are a good fit for the company
  • additional skills
    • any additional skills and abilities you have that match the job


Cover Letter Examples 

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Writing a Cover Letter Resources 

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an in-depth document with a high level of detail about your work experience, education, and achievements (publications, awards, honors, etc). 

CV vs. Rèsumè

  • A CV is long (typically multiple pages) and covers your entire career, static
  • A rèsumè is short (one page), no particular format rule, highly customizable 

CV Examples 

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Writing a CV Resources 

A rèsumè is a short brief account of work history. 

A rèsumè typically includes: 

  • an objective
  • summary of job experience 
  • education 

** Rèsumè should be %100 tailored to the specific company to which an individual is applying. 

​Rèsumè Examples

 Writing ​Rèsumès Resources

A professional reference is a recommendation from a person who can vouch for your qualifications for a job. 

The people who qualify as a professional reference are: 

  • A former employer 
  • A colleague
  • A client 
  • A vendor 
  • A supervisor 
  • An instructor 


Professional References Resources